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Why Parents Choose The Delphi School

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The Delphi School

For nearly 30 years, Delphi Academy has been providing a strong and balanced K-8 program to students in the Bay Area. A rich curriculum with plenty of hands-on activities develops a love of learning while delivering a solid academic foundation. Student life is enriched by weekly field trips, art, music, athletics, life skills, community service and technology.

"Delphi Students are treated as individuals, receiving personalized student programs based on their strengths, weaknesses and

Why Parents Choose Delphi
Delphi students are treated as individuals, receiving personalized student programs based on their strengths, weaknesses and interests. Attentive teachers understand each child's unique abilities and coach each one to greater independence and confidence in their own abilities to study and learn. Delphi graduates are routinely accepted to the private high schools of their choice, and take an honors route if attending their local public high school.

Students gain not just academic strength, but a wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership, planning, organization and critical thinking skills. They are also given many opportunities to participate in community service activities, artistic performances, athletic competitions and leadership roles. Delphi's unique combination of excellent academics, practical activities and a caring environment prepares students for a lifetime of learning.

What Do Students Love? Field Trips!
Students love field trips, getting out of the classroom and into the world to explore. Teachers plan multiple trips each month that align with academic lessons and allow students to see how textbook concepts apply in real life. While studying about California history, for example, students may tour a pioneer garden, grind their own grain for biscuits, card wool and try out a spinning wheel.

Moving Ahead with Confidence
Natural curiosity is encouraged and developed, with an emphasis on learning for application. Students are also encouraged to "take charge" of their education. They are helped to set academic goals, and to plan, organize and accomplish their targets. Delphi's unique system allows quick students to rapidly move ahead at their own pace without having to wait for others or get bored. This approach helps students develop their own purpose for learning and results in many students studying well above grade level.

Summer Camp and Fall Term
Delphi Summer Camp is open to children ages 4-14. Campers come from around the Bay Area and even from overseas to experience a fun summer of learning with academics, athletics, arts and adventure! Camping trips, day trips, rock climbing, kayaking and swimming are just some of the many activities. Morning academics keep students' minds sharp through the summer. Campers can get help in an area of difficulty or explore new subjects. Registration begins in January and is first-come, first-served. More information is available at

Students attending Delphi for Fall Term have first option for Summer Camp openings and can use the summer to advance in their studies while making new friends, spending time outdoors and enjoying many attractions around the Bay Area.

Come to a Delphi Open House from 1-3 pm on

November 18, 2017
January 20, 2018
March 24, 2018

to learn more about Delphi Summer Camp and Delphi Academy, K-8. Please see for more info or give them a call at 408.370.7400.


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